Lawn Spring Cleanup

Spring cleaning isn't just for the inside of your home! Your landscape needs a spring cleanup as well and J&J Landscape Management, Inc. can help. The professional staff at J&J provides spring cleanups for hundreds of properties throughout Pensacola and surrounding areas of FL.

Spring cleanup visits not only keep your landscape healthy, but they also keep your property looking neat and at it's best as the weather warms and you start to spend more time outside.

Spring Landscape Cleanup Service

Typically, a spring cleanup includes the following services:

Bed Weeding & Bed Maintenance - All weeds, limbs, trash, leaves, and any other debris leftover from the winter will be removed.

Pruning - Any plant material that is due for pruning will be addressed (please note ornamental grasses, perennials, and Liriope should all be cut back in late winter).

Mulch Cultivation - All mulch will be turned and cultivated, mulch in excess of 2" in depth will be removed.

Landscape Edging - All beds will be edged to a depth of 2-3". Some call this an English edge, we simply refer to it as bed edging. Bed edging is a great way to define your bed and lawn areas as well as give your property the professionally maintained look it deserves.

Landscape Mulching - All bed areas will be mulched with grade 'A' shredded hardwood mulch.

Yard Cleanup - All debris will be removed from the property and all hard surfaces are blown clear prior to your spring cleanup service.

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