No Contract Necessary!

No Contract Necessary!

Contracts, Pay-As-You-Go & Discounts

If you would like to spread the cost of your annual service cost into 12 equal payments that make for a lower your monthly bill HedgeMow can provide you with a contract.  However, a contract does not necessarily lower the total amount of money spent per year on your lawn service compared with paying as you go.  Contracts require either:
1. an initial non-refundable deposit
2. a credit card or other billing method that we can automatically bill on a periodic basis.

Pay-As -You-Go or “As-Needed”
If you would like to pay for service on an ongoing but “as needed” basis with regularly scheduled visits then HedgeMow will mow on a regular schedule that can be paused by you at any time if you feel that your yard does not need service without there being any requirement for you to pay any further. You can ask the crew to make a decision as to whether or not your lawn needs service as the seasons begin to change. In the Pay-As-You-Go scenario you only pay for services that are performed or in some cases trip fees for regular assessments.  Most residential clients receive visits twice per month during peak season and visits once per month during the off season. In order to setup regular service on a Pay-As-You-Go basis you are required to either pay for the last service billing cycle in advance OR provide a debit or credit card or other billing method that we can automatically bill on the same day of or up to within 2 weeks after each service. Final service deposits that are not used by the client are not refundable. You can create your own billing cycle depending on the deposit for the last service that you would like to provide. For example if you would like to be billed at the end of each month then you would either need to provide an automatic payment method or pay for the last months service in advance.  Similarly if you would like to be billed after each service then you would need to provide the last service payment in advance OR provide an automatic payment method.

Residential customers who would like a discount can receive a discount by paying any amounts over $500 in advance.  The typical discount is 5% for every amount over $500 paid in advance of service.  The discount does not apply when making payments for the last service in advance.

For more information about our Terms Of Service and how to pay HedgeMow please click here to see our “Make A Payment” page.